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The Top 5 Sump Pump Battery Backups

Your basement may suffer from flooding due to a crack in the foundation, failed sump pump, failed switch, insufficient power capacity or power outage. To prevent the risk of flooding and the nightmare of cleaning up your flooded basement you should consider installing a sump pump battery backup. Here are the top backups from the top brands.

The Basement Watchdog (2200 GPH @ 10′) & Battery

A powerful and convenient system with automatic operation. It provides backup power for up to 7.5 hours and features a 20 Amp charger to quickly recharge the battery.  If the power is on, it runs the pump with AC current. The sump pump alarm sounds when it detects low battery fluid and pump failure, defective or discharged battery and when the pump is activated. You can acquire the product from $490.00 to $700.00 depending on the seller.

sumppumpbackupZoeller Pro Pak 53 Preassembled M53 Sump Pump & 507 Backup System – 507-0008

This features the M53 Sump Pump and 507 Backup System, automatic operation, low-voltage vertical float switch, overcharge and battery burnout protection, light indicators, alarms, lockable battery lock and control boxes. It accommodates maximum battery size and retails from $400.00 to $415.00.

Wayne ESP45 Backup System

For $399.00 its 24-Volt Cast Iron pushes 3500 GPH @ 0′ and features easy installation. It offers 24 volt pump performance, automatic operation, filters debris and reduces clogging, 4 hour automatic reset silence button with and alarm setup with indicator lights.

Little Giant SPBS Emergency Back-Up System

This pump has a1600 GPH Sump Pump and Battery Charger with Alarm at $514.00. It’s designed for continuous use. It features DC current operation, automatic operation, 6-foot cord, 1,600 gallons per hour, vertical float switch and emergency protection from power outage or primary pump failure.

flotecbackuppumpFlotec 8 Amp 1/4 HP

This system retails for from $477.65 to $649.00 and features automatic operation, 12 volt emergency backup, innovative smart chip technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic alerts. The sump pump backup runs at full capacity, includes check valve for primary and backup valve, and pump mounting tee.

Components of sump pump backups

A battery backup system contains components such as alarm, power, head pressure, cord, automatic or manual operation, trickle charge battery charger, and a long-life stand-by battery. The system includes a 12-volt DC battery-powered sump pump and a floating switch to sense water levels.

Buying considerations for sump pump battery backup

Before buying any battery backup for sump pump, you should consider the two types of batteries namely AGM and Deep Cycle Marine Batteries. The former is the latest technology and does not require water unlike the latter. Other considerations include pumping capacity, where to purchase, cost, pump construction, float switch and new technology. The pumps can be constructed using cast iron or plastic.


The system can sort the flooding problem when your first pump exhibits consequences of inadequacy and protect your investment. For long-term performance and efficiency, ensure the system is well installed and maintained.

  • Read safety instructions thoroughly before installing
  • Ensue your pump is clear of debris
  • Secondary pumps are permanently lubricated at factory
  • Use the pumps as backup only and not as primary
  • Check the backup unit monthly

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