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Sump Pump Installation Cost: Basic Overview

Installing a sump pump can be a costly but necessary undertaking. The cost of installing a sump pump will depend on several factors. For instance, if you decide to hire a plumber or pump company to install the pump, you may find that prices vary widely from one company to another.

Other reasons for variance of price include:

  • Type of Floor
  • Pump Quality
  • Location of Installation in the Building
  • Geographic Location
  • Who Installs the Pump

These reasons are explained below.

Factor #1: Type of Floor

Most sump pumps are installed in the basement of a house. Basements typically have cement floors, but there are also homes with dirt basements and some with gravel. Installation in a dirt or gravel floor is easier and less time consuming due to the ease of digging, which greatly reduces the cost of labor.

If the basement has a cement floor, the cost of labor will increase greatly due to the need for a jackhammer or, at the very least, a sledgehammer and the resulting work involved. Cement floors vary in thickness, too; a thicker floor means more labor, which means a higher sump pump installation cost.

If the drainage is in a finished concrete basement, some of the concrete will have to be broken through and removed to install submersible units. This may cost anywhere from $2500 to $5000, depending on the area and depth of the cut into the concrete.

Factor #2: Quality and Type of Sump Pump

sump pump installationThere are basically two types of sump pumps: pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps.

Pedestal pumps are generally less expensive than submersible pumps. A typical half-horsepower pedestal plastic pump costs between $150 and $170. For example, a plastic-cased Wayne Spv-800 ½-horsepower pedestal sump pump costs $160 on Amazon.com. In comparison, a submersible pump of similar power costs about $320.

Pumps with a metal casing may cost up to double the price of a similar pump without the casing. For instance, the price of a ½-horsepower stainless steel or brass core pedestal pumps can run between $280 and $500.

Factor #3: Location of Installation in the Building

Pedestal sump pumps are installed at the opening of the drainage, which is typically in a low area of the floor. Plumbers charge anywhere between $100 and $1000 to install pedestal pumps, depending on several of the factors listed here. Submersible pumps, on the other hand, may cost between $1500 and $5000, depending on the location of installation in the building.

Location of the sump pump drainage is another factor that influences cost. For instance, if the network of drainage pipes under the floor is dense, the cost is higher for submersible units since more expertise and caution is needed.

Factor #4: Geographic Location

Depending on geographical location and the company performing the installation, the price will vary, but sometimes not by a significantly large amount. For example in Chicago, the average cost of installing a ½-horsepower submersible brass core unit is about $2700, while in New York the average cost is about $3000.

In more rural areas, the price can be substantially less due to lower labor costs than those found in urban areas.

Factor #5: Who installs it


Needless to say, installation costs will depend on whether the homeowner chooses to put in the pump himself or decides to hire a plumber. By doing the sump pump installation him or herself, the homeowner negates the potential for the high labor costs of a contractor and will have to pay only for materials.

For example, an individual installing a pedestal pump whose power rating is half horsepower may incur a cost of $150 (purchase price), which is significantly less than the cost of $350 to hire a plumber (purchase price and labor cost).

However, not all people have the expertise or time necessary to install a sump pump. In such cases, it may be a good idea to contact a professional plumber. Paying a little more money for labor costs may end up saving the homeowner money in the long run.

Factor #6: Company Discounts

Some companies offer discounts for installation of sump pumps. It is therefore important to call around to different companies and ask for prices and potential discounts. Of course, the most economical offer is always tempting, but the cheapest deal is not always the best.

Ask around and do some research to ensure that the company you decide on to install your sump pump has plenty of experience and a solid reputation, not only in the prices and discounts it offers but also in customer service.

Replacement Sump Pump Installation is Less Expensive

If you have already had a sump pump installed in your home and are just in need of a replacement pump, the cost is much less expensive than a new install. The price of the basin inside the floor, combined with the cost of digging and jack hammering, as well as installing a proper outlet for the power, can easily add an additional $1000 to the price tag.

Installing a replacement pump is something most homeowners can handle, which means the only expense is that of a new pump. If you do have to call a plumber to put it in, it is a relatively simple job and the cost should be low.

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