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Simple Sump Pump Maintenance for a Flood-Free Basement

Flooding of the basement can lead to negative implications for the house and the inhabitants. Fortunately, the homeowners are now able to choose from a number of basement water-proofing options to help them with this problem. One of them is the sump pump.

Installation of a Sump Pump: DIY or Professional?

Although a homeowner can install a sump pump, it is recommended that they select a professional who is not only skilled but also experienced in the process. The homeowners will need to determine the type of sump pump they need as well as its location. There are quite a number of DIY guides that will help a homeowner successfully install the sump pump.

Cost of Installation

In order to determine the cost of sump pump maintenance, the homeowner has to determine a number of things. For starters, they need to know the type sump pump to use and determine whether they will do the installation on their own or choose a professional to help them. These factors play an important role in the overall cost.

When it comes to type of pump, a submersible pump will cost more as compared to the pedestal pump in terms of purchase price, installation and maintenance. This is so because the installation of the submersible will require digging out the floor.

Sump Pump Maintenance Check List

sumppumpmaintenanceOnce the sump pump is installed, it is important for homeowners to ensure that it is working properly through sump pump maintenance. Homeowners need to have the following maintenance checklist when they are inspecting the sump pump:

  • Sump pump that is older than 15 years should be replaced
  • Sump pump that has displayed any erratic behavior should also be replaced since the chances of them failing are very high.
  • If check valves are missing on the discharge line, they should be replaced.
  • The Sump pump should have a high water alarm.
  • Sump pump battery backup should be installed in case of power outage to ensure that the sump pump can still operate.
  • The vent hole in the discharge pipe should be clear.

With the above checklist, homeowners will ensure that their sump pump is efficient and effective in its function.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Installation

Ibatterybackupsumppumpt is important for homeowners to have a battery back up for their sump pump so that it can be operational even during power outage. The other reasons to have the back up include the failure of the main pump in keeping up with water flow and jamming or clogging of the main pump.

Homeowners can choose from two types of battery backup:

  1. standard output, suitable for main pumps that are less than ½ hp or equal to ½ hp, but it is not reliable when raining.
  2. high output, which is the best choice for main pumps equal to hp or ½ hp that runs frequently when raining.

The cost is of the battery backup will depend on the size and quality of the backup. With proper sump pump maintenance, the homeowners will not have to worry about water and flooding problems in their basements.

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