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Having your Sump Pump Backup Installed: An Overview

Owning a home is always the dream of every person but when it comes to maintenance, most people wish they had someone else to cater about it. One of the most vexing maintenance issues has to do with flooding of the basement which mostly happens after heavy rains.

With the weather continuing its unpredictable run over the recent years, you will have noted that there is more rain during spring and this is always a recipe for disaster as your basement will suffer from gradual effect of flood water when your sump pump is overwhelmed.

To avoid costly repairs to your structure or even devaluing your property, a backup sump pump becomes essential but there are many pertinent issues surrounding this appliance. And the more you learn, the more armed you will be prepared in making the right decision early enough.

backupsumppump2Basics of a Sump Pump Backup

Like most backup installations, the backup sump is supposed to start working automatically in case of the following:

  • power outage
  • technical problems
  • clogging or freezing of the discharge pipe
  • failure of the float switch
  • if the check valve gives in to water pressure

In all these cases, the backup steps up to avoid a disaster and to keep flood water out, thus, limiting any damage even when the main sump pump is not working.

There are different varieties of sump pump backups which make it imperative to understand the main ones in the market. Most of the general distinctions regarding these pumps will be based on the

  • amperage
  • assemblage height,
  • housing material,
  • type of power source

Types of Backup Systems

When thinking of getting a backup one of the most option factors will be the type of system you want for your facility.

Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump

The main ones on the market today include battery-powered sump pump backup system. These are very common and consist of a battery supply, a secondary small pump, ac controller and a secondary float switch.

sumppumpinstallation2The controller is very essential in monitoring both the battery and the pump conditions to ensure efficiency in case of a disaster. When water rises above the main pump, the battery supply is activated and starts pumping. There is also an inverter pump which converts DC power to AC.

Water-Powered Backup

Water-powered backup sump pump, common among municipal departments, exploit the water pressure from your house to pump out water from the sump pit and keep the basement dry. Its effectiveness in terms of water displacement depends on the water pressure piped to the appliance. Most contractors reckon that this type has low pumping capacity but this will depend on the size and location of your house.

Factors to Consider Prior to Purchase

There are still other products being developed in the market but you must consider some issues including pumping capacity, charger strength in case of sump pump battery backup installation, and monitoring features to ensure it will work when needed. During backup sump pump installation

  • ensure that the housing is corrosion-free
  • check the manufacturer’s manual carefully
  • note the cost of sump pump maintenance
  • read local code regulations on water discharge
  • consider the head pressure to which the water has to be lifted

Your home is one of the most valuable things you have, so it is strongly recommended to consider a backup.

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