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An Indoor or Outdoor Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a handy device to have if there is an area in a person’s house where there is a collection of water. It is generally used in the basement area but it can be used as an outdoor sump pump in areas that are prone to flooding.
A sump pump is used to remove excess water quickly and efficiently so that water damage is limited or removed altogether, which will minimize the need to spend a large amount of money on repairs.

Many people install them in different areas of their homes, but the basement is the most common. There are several different brands and sizes of pump that a homeowner can choose from. The fact of the matter is that whatever brand and size is purchased, most sump pumps work efficiently and do the job that they are supposed to.

cellarsumppumpGetting a Basement Sump Pump

Many homes have problems with water seepage in the basement. This can be cause by several factors:

  • excess groundwater
  • positioning of the home
  • a damaged basement foundation.

If this leakage is not taken care of, it can lead to flooding and eventual damage to the dwelling and property. Some of this damage, such as the buildup of mold, can be harmful to the home and its occupants.

It is important to remember that water buildup inside a home or basement may be caused by drainage problems outside. Before considering a sump pump installation, homeowners should check to make sure that none of their drains or rain gutters are clogged or backed up.

Not only that, they should make sure the rain gutters are discharging the water away from the home, as rain water can build up and pool quickly in a low area.

Though the source of flooding may come from outside the house, many homeowners find it preferable to install a basement sump pump. Many times, if they are unable to find the source of the seepage, homeowners will install a sump pump in the basement instead of purchasing an exterior sump pump. Often owners of new homes do not have to worry about this, as it is likely that there is already one installed.

outdoor sump pumpAn Outdoor Sump Pump is a Good Solution

If there is a low or dipped area or section of yard around a house’s foundation, water can collect and pool, causing a great deal of damage.

Not only is an exterior sump pump less expensive to install than an interior sump pump, but it is less expensive and more efficient than other solutions to the problem, such as grading the area to level it off and reduce pooling. While leveling the area may not always work as a long-term solution, a sump pump installed in the low area can be counted on to solve the problem.

Another benefit of installing a sump pump outside is that it will not only prevent flooding of the area outside the home, but will also prevent water from seeping into the interior.

Although many homeowners believe that they need a sump pump in the basement, it is often a good idea to first install an outdoor sump pump. Often, this will eliminate the problem, and the homeowner will have saved him or herself from spending money on an unnecessary expense.

flotecsumppumpThere are specialized outdoor sump pumps which differ from interior pumps (most of the difference is in the casing), they can be expensive. Most homeowners and contractors choose to use the same submersible-style pump outdoors as they use indoors.

Benefits of an Exterior Sump Pump

  1. Less Expensive To Install:  Installing a sump pump in a basement can be quite labor intensive due to the necessity of breaking up the basement floor with a jackhammer. Digging a hole in the yard is a lot faster (and therefore less expensive) than jack hammering a cement floor.
  2. Less Noise:  Although they are generally not all that noisy, one of the chief complaints about indoor sump pumps is that it wakes the homeowner when it runs in the middle of the night. A sump pump outside the house will be much quieter.
  3. Removes Water At The Source:  Often water in a basement is caused by pooling yard water seeping inside. By installing an outdoor pump, the homeowner can tackle the problem at its source and avoid unnecessary damage and expense.

Prior to Installing a Sump Pump

There are a number of things to consider before installing a sump pump, whether it is in the basement or outside. Of course, as with most home repairs, one of the most important considerations is cost.

Prices will vary according to the brand and size of the pump, so it is up to the homeowner and installation contractor to decide what type of pump best suits the job while staying within the homeowner’s budget.

The cost of professional installation also varies, depending on where the pump is being installed and how much labor will be involved. If the homeowner is handy, he or she may attempt the installation themselves.

Many DIY sites have good advice to make the installation a little more simple, and of course the instruction manuals will need to be read carefully and advice like removal of an exterior pump in freezing weather adhered to. If this is not something you feel comfortable with, it may be a good idea to contact a plumbing professional to do the installation for you.

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